Thursday, August 21, 2008

tall enough to touch the sky?

a spiritual awakening is what?

a dream? an escape from physical life and into the blissful realm of a perfect world within an imperfect world, humanistically speaking.

participating in events that spark the dead youth in the pits of your heart and soul?  Or a re-awakening of your heart as a whole?

relentlessly pursuing a vivid dream of immortality inspired by everything that birthed mortality.

a dream that represents everything contradictory about human existence.  I am the earthworm, wriggling across the hot summer pavement...  and it is at that moment amongst the confusion of uncertainty

that we realize...
the only security we have in the most insecure world is that love will save my life and my physical death will not be death, it will be my birth... 


goodnightrose said...

dave man im pumped to see you blogging again. you are good with words. i am one of those people that check your blog every 5 minutes.

Broken Artist said...

that is some powerful thought man. seriously. i'm going to have to think about the more.